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Sonqo means heart in Quechua, which is a language of the Incas and ancient civilizations in South America.  Sonqo plays authentic Andean music with a variety of traditional instruments originated during the Pre-Columbian times in combination with the stringed instruments influenced by the Spanish conquistadors.  The group is characterized for the continue research and preservation of the culture and music from several Andean regions with roots several thousands of years in the past.

Sonqo has participated in several multi-cultural events, museums, and libraries.  Sonqo's educational programs and workshops are lively and colorful blend of musical performance, demonstrations of traditional Latin American instruments; interactive segments with students and demonstrations of traditional clothing, costuming and dance (huayno).  This entertaining and educational presentation is a wonderful way to introduce the audience to the diverse cultures, languages and rich cultural heritage of several South American regions.



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