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Sonqo offers concerts and workshops for various grade levels.

Our program is a lively and colorful blend of musical performance, demonstrations of traditional Latin American instruments; interactive segments with students and demonstrations of traditional clothing, costuming and dance (huayno).  This entertaining and educational presentation is a wonderful way to introduce students to the diverse cultures, languages and rich cultural heritage of several Latin American regions.


Workshops include:


MAKE AND PLAY THE ZAMPONAS - Learn about the haunting panpipes of the Andes, how they are made and played.


IF YOU WERE A CHILD IN PERU  - Find out what life is like for children in a village in Peru.   What do they eat? What are their clothes?  Learn words and phrases in their beautiful language of Quechua.


BUILD AND PLAY A CAJON - Meet a drum made out of a wooden box.  With its roots in the Afro-Peruvian communities, this unique drumming style can become a fun part of your classroom learning.





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